1. Nutone Models 2067 & 2068 have a very breakable cabinets so
we recommend very strongly to carefully remove the chassis out of the
front cover and ship the chassis in by itself.

Nutone Model
2067or 2068
2. On Nutone models 313 and 2542 and ST1000
Due to a lack of repair parts, cassett players and/or
clocks on these models may not be repairable or
may require an additional amount.

If we run into this situation, we will advise the
customer of any additional amount needed before
we start the repair.
3. On Nutone Models 2003,3003,3303,4006.
repair price may not include optional
plug in chime modules or expansion modules
which is used occasionally on the IM 4006. If we
run into one of these modules that are bad, we will
advise cost of repair or replacement of these optional

4. We recommend due to the age and history of
the 2500 system that if there is a problem with the
2510 intercom master, that both the 2500 amp and
the 2510 should be shipped in for service. Due to
the complex hook up required to test this system
there will be a $25.00 estimate fee on this model, if
repair is declined.