Frequently Asked Questions
A lot of the units are made so that most of the wires
unplug, so that the homeowner can remove it theirself.
Refer to your owners manual for more details. If you
need a owners manual, email me with the model no. and
I'll do my best to locate one for you. If you would
like someone to remove it for you, most electricians and
security system companys offer this service.

How do I get the intercom out of the wall to ship it in
for service ?
If the problem still exist at the master location after
disconnecting the remotes, chances are that the master
is bad. At this point the master would need to be
shipped in for service.
How do I know if the problem is in the master, or in one
of the speakers ?
A lot depends on the reason for the update. If you want
more of a modern look and more modern features like a
built in CD or cassett, then update would be the way to
go. Updates typically start around $1200.00 because
normally all of the equipment has to be changed out.

If you just want to get your system repaired ,and
working well, the repair can be as low as $45.00 if
the master is the only bad item. This is very common.
Most of the time, even if there are other problems, the
expense of repair is still a fraction of the cost of a
new system.

Should I repair the system or update to a new system ?
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