Here are some discontinued and
refurbished masters that we have for
sale. In the near future we wil be adding
more items.

All of our masters carry a 90 day limited
warranty and have been throughly tested
under load.

We would recommend that if you are
interested in a different master, other
than your present one, that you contact
us to see if the master that you selected
will fit the wall opening and work with
your existing speakers.

Click on pictures to enlarge
and see special notes.
Toll Free 888 825 2819
M&S model MC300 Black

Nutone refurbished IM 4006
shown in white. SOLD
This is a new condition unit but is a discontinued model. This
model is one of the last masters made by M & S that is still
compatible with the older M&S speakers. When replacing a
master such as the 220 or 200/250 series you also have to replace
the transformer and add a chime module which mounts behind
the master. Contact us with your model number for more
This Nutone IM 4006 will only replace the
same model unless you also change out the
remote speakers and have 6 conductor
cable. A direct replacement is advised.